Sunday, September 25, 2011

I just want to be inspired...

I remember watching the movie Jerry McGuire years ago and being somewhat touched by the line, “I just want to be inspired,” which the lead female character told Jerry in response to a “mission statement” that he had put together in a moment of self-awareness, the night before.  

Today, many years later, I have appropriated that line.  I just want to be inspired.  I don’t want to live my life aimlessly wandering without purpose.  I don’t want to just navigate my days among piles of laundry, unread/unopened mail, scattered shoes, broken toys, sticky notes and relentless dust.  I don’t want to just go through the motions of preparing meals, packing lunches, getting kids ready to go to school, surviving work, and family life.  God is an all consuming fire, whose love is like a hurricane.  He is an untamed lion, The Lion of Judah, and as such He dwells in us.  He consumes us and moves us, and awakens us.  He even shakes us up once in a while, to get us out of the rut.

He is certainly moving in my soul right now.  I just wish I could understand the way that He wants me to go.  Since I know my ways are not His ways, I pray He’ll show it to me.  I pray He’ll inspire me. 

I want Him to touch me and to let me see the beauty of His presence with the eyes of my soul.  Like the air, I want to feel Him near me, embracing me, surrounding me, holding me, and building me up so I can be re-energized to fulfill His will for me on this earth.  I want to meet my destiny as I walk toward Him.

I am willing to go, as long as He comes with me.  Lead the way, and I will follow.  I just want to be inspired. 

In this world of chaos, and darkness; I want Him to be the Light into my path and my feet. 

Please, don’t let me trip.  Clear the path and hold my hand.  Give me strength.  Give me truth.  Give me wisdom.  Give me You. 
Inspire me.

This song is a great proclamation of Jesus THE WAY! by Jeremy Camp.  Listen to it if you have a minute,


  1. Amen. As I sit in the treatment center where my mother-in-law is receiving her scheduled "cocktail", I'm inevitably reminded of how harsh this journey is for people (whether young or old). It's been 2 years since I sat where these patients are sitting right now, but I feel like I'm going through it again. I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion, so I decided to log on to look for "cyber-help" and found it right here. Dear friend, your words have come to the rescue yet again! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. Indy, I'm so glad and honored that this blog has brought you some comfort in this difficult time. Though I had not experienced cancer in my own body, I know fully well what you are talking about. I remember sitting by my Mother, over 11 years ago, as her fragile body took in the chemo...watching her in that situation made me feel so helpless. Only the knowledge of Our God as Our Great Deliverer could bring peace to my soul. He will deliver us, either "from," "through," or "by" the fires we face...the answer will always be the same...He will deliver us.


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