Saturday, August 2, 2014

Side by Side

I can’t believe it’s August. This is such an eventful month for me. Many important things happen in August in my life, beginning with…precisely…the beginning of my life. Yes, August is my birthday month. It is also my wedding anniversary month. And it is the anniversary of my thyroid cancer diagnosis. 

As I wrap up my summer Bible Study, I am reminded of all these things when Beth Moore asked us, as part of our homework, to think about the last year and a half and write down, side by side, the good and the bad that had happened to us in that time-span. 

I sat there, pen in hand, staring out my favorite window, and with a sigh, I thought to myself… “what a difficult task.”

The task wasn’t difficult because I couldn’t remember what had happened. It was difficult because I didn’t want to put these things in writing…

I knew, however, deep inside, that the exercise would be beneficial to my soul. So, of course, I began my list with:

The Bad
The Good
Two surgeries followed by thyroid cancer diagnosis. 
- Excellent prognosis.  After close to 4 years  
of excruciating silence, my brother called me.

The thought of these events stirred an avalanche of emotions and feelings of an age-old anxiety that hasn’t gone away still. I pressed on, however, and the memories began to flow easier after that…

I had to move away from the only place I’ve ever known as home in the US
Got a beautiful new house.  Reduced my commute to work to 3 min. from 45.  Got the conveniences of living in a small town as supposed to a rural area.
I had to leave our home church of almost 20 years (it was my husband’s childhood church)
Began the exciting process of finding a new church and discover new opportunities to serve in unexpected ways.
My husband lost his job
He found 2 new jobs and financial peace invaded us once more, with a renewed focus on our goals.
My sons started in a new school with no friends
New, unexplored venues and possibilities have opened up for them.


After I looked at my list, the exercise proved beneficial, indeed. Seeing the bad side by side with the good that has spun out of each one of them made me realized that the good far outweighed the bad. The hurdles became doors. The trials became pathways. The pain became excitement. 

Re-reading my now neatly organized list I see that the Lord has, really, walked beside me.

This isn’t even a comprehensive list. Much more has happened in the last one and a half year. Good and bad…but looking at it side by side, has given me a gift that I wasn’t expecting. It has given me peace. God is Good all the time. God is all-knowing and always in control. God is the Great Provider, His Grace is sufficient.

Perhaps, this would be a good exercise for you too.  Why don't you try it?  I pray the Holy Spirit inspires you to it.  And may the Prince of Peace open up the flood-gates and let His peace flow like a river.

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  1. Gisela, Once again "thank you." God has truly spoken to me through you. What are a blessing you have been. :)

    1. Dear Ruth, thank YOU for visiting and for your encouraging words. The Holy Spirit knows no limits, He can use everyone, even little me to speak to His children, and you are His beloved, so He will pursue you wherever you are, using whatever means. Blessings always!

  2. What a wonderful exercise, Gisela. I'm tucking this idea into my journal--I need to see some of the good of my life in print. I was blessed just reading yours! ~Pamela

    1. Thank you Pamela, I really appreciate your visit and I am delighted to hear that the activity spoke to you. I pray the Lord shows you how much the good surpasses the bad in your life too. Hugs


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