Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Twenty Years is Nothing...

Dan and I in 1994
Es un soplo la vida y veinte años no es nada... 

A popular Tango song from the thirties called "Volver", made famous by Carlos Gardel,  probably the most iconoclastic tango singer, song-writer of all times says something like:

Life is but a puff of wind
and twenty years is nothing...


Today I woke up thinking about this song because twenty years ago Dan and I got married in my home church down in Panama.  I am saying it, but I can't believe it.  Where has time gone????  It sure does not feel like 20 years at least not to me : )  Life has been anything but boring.  So, I guess time flies when you are having fun, right? Although, not everything during the last 20 years could be categorized as "fun" life has been good.  We have had to weather many, MANY storms...we have experienced tremendous loss and we have struggled in many areas, but we are still here.  He is still the one...and I hope I am still the one for him too.  We have had to pay many dues, and will continue to pay them as we move along our paths, but the rewards have been great as well, and the blessings more than I can count.

Life is, indeed, nothing but a puff of wind...twenty years is certainly nothing, and we are not who we were, but we keep on striving to become who we are designed to be, and to one day, share in each other's company for eternity.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Dieter

My Mom (RIP) and I

My Dad (RIP) and I

Dan and I...



  1. Gisela, I wish I had known earlier when I was talking with you. Happy Anniversary to you and Dan. I am so glad that God put the two of you in our paths. I have been blessed in many ways in such a short time. I pray that God continues to use you guys mightily :)

    1. Thank you Ruth, you are such a huge blessing to us as well. God loves you, and so do we : )

  2. Happy anniversary to some very special friends!


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