Sunday, April 12, 2015

Scary Times

Often times I get really worried about the state of affairs of this country. Our culture is currently making a strong push against anything traditional; and values are changing to become something unrecognizable. I worry about the kind of world my young sons will inherit and the kind of society they will have to navigate. I fear that as a nation we have wandered way too far away from God and that now He is distant and detached. I’m not sure what His plan is, but I’m nervous about it.

I don’t want to feel this way, but I can’t help it. I try surrounding myself with all things good and clean; but the filthiness is getting too hard to escape. Staying in a counter-culture position is becoming exhausting and I’m wondering if I am going to ever be able to truly shelter myself and my loved ones from what’s coming (which I’m not sure I know what it is).

There is a rebellion against God right now and I see it in the face of the youth that sits in my classrooms. Although they seem to be searching for truth, they are rejecting the only source of truth. Although they are thirsty for hope, they reject the source of true hope. And I feel disheartened.

But then I remember…it does not matter. It doesn’t matter how I feel or what the majority of our society does or what they choose to believe or disbelieve…God is unchangeable. Regardless of our actions as a people, the fact that God is the One True Sovereign, Mighty King is never going to change.

He is the Ancient of Days that Daniel tells us about, and even though the world may deny Him and even though the beast may oppress his holy people and try to change the set times and the laws, the beast will be slain and thrown into the blazing fire... and the Son of Man will come down, riding on the clouds and His kingdom will not pass away. (Daniel 7)

There are hard times coming, no doubt, but in due time, the heavenly court will sit and the books will be open. The beast will not stand the power of the Almighty and judgement will descend upon us. But those who belong to Him will be spare and will be released to enjoy eternity with Him.

This is what I must keep in mind at all times today. This is the truth I must not forget when I feel the despair of the unknown approach. This is the revelation that I need to carry with me as my heart endures the darkness that is threatening to overshadow the Light. The Light of the World will not be extinguished…There is not power that can put it out. And at the appointed time, He will make Himself be seen as every knew will bow. Come Lord Jesus, come!

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