Thursday, April 30, 2015

At a Card Table

Four women sit around a card table. Each reviews the current season of her live…with each memory, a sigh…

I praise the Lord for He delivers us from all the evils of this world. Even when it feels like the floor retracts and we seem to collapse…He is there to catch us in His loving arms.

Four women sit around a card table. Each shares of her hurt, her pain, her frustration, her fear, her hesitation to believe and to fully trust in Him who is Faithful…

Four women sit around a card table. Each finds the common tread to their stories. They realize they are bound together by the love of the One who made them His own.

It was there, sitting at that card table that He reminded me of the intense period of grieving, loss and fear that He and I had been navigating through in the recent past. My unwillingness to forgive, my heart ache at the pain of my loved ones, my frightful days caused by the panic of disease, my fear of financial instability, my mourning at the loss of my rock, my frustrations at my perceived failings…His eyes never missed any of it. He has seen it all…He has known it all. In His unfathomable love, He guides me through it all ‘till He sees me come out the other side, unharmed.

Four women sit around a card table. Their fellowship causes them to each open up their eyes wide to realize that His hands have been holding them all along.

Praise the Lord!

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  1. Gisela, I love this. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift that God has given you. Blessings :)


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