Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Take Away the Stone

41 So they took away the stone. John 11: 41a 

The good news is that Christ is bigger than our lack of faith. And that is one immensely comforting thought. No matter how heavy the stone of our unbelief is, Jesus can command it to be removed and it is gone.

It doesn’t matter how much of an infant Christian I am. Regardless of how little solid food I actually consume, and how attached to the things of this world I am, My Jesus is able to remove the stone that keeps me buried and dead. He is in the business of bringing people back to life!

I’ve been dead for far too long. I’ve been dead in my distractions, in my worry, in my fears. I’ve been buried under a pile of rubble that keeps me from seeing the Light and crushes my face onto my circumstances. I’ve been drowning in the waves of storms of the material world, and I’ve forgotten to seek the face of the One extending the hand that rescues me.

But it doesn’t matter, because He grabs me anyway and pulls me out so I can breathe again.

It doesn’t matter how much, like Martha, I focus on the problems and can’t see the glory standing right in front of me, because glory can’t be hidden. Radiance can’t be covered. Light can’t be contained. At the appointed time, the stone always rolls away and it’s impossible to deny the Divine.

Please, Lord, remove all the stones from my life that keep me from You!  Set me free!  Make me alive again in You!

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