Friday, June 7, 2013

He's Been Faithful Before, He'll Be Faithful Again, and Again...

The other day, on my way to a sonogram test I was really NOT looking forward to having done, I felt the urgency to experience the assurance of the Emmanuel, God with us, in a mighty way. So, I prayed for God to give me a supernatural awareness of His presence.

As it often happens, in the midst of the nervous daze that one experiences when going through a scary test, my mind was not working right. And in my concern with the technician not giving me any information after she was done with the test, I walked out of there with my brain fixed on the unknown. I went to the grocery store, and when I was walking back to my car, it hit me! I did not have my little cross on me! My husband had given me this tiny cross in a delicate platinum chain  so many years ago, I can’t even remember when it was. I always wear it. I love that cross! So when I realized I didn't have it on, I panicked.

I sat in my car paralyzed with fear and sadness. Then I remembered I had to take the necklace off for the test per the technician’s request. In my dazed-state, I took it off and just plainly laid it on top of my purse rather than putting it inside in a safe place. Well, of course, when the test was done, I was more concerned with trying to make the technician give me some info than anything else, so I just picked up my purse and forgot all about the tiny cross! 

I quickly put the keys into the ignition, started my faithful 11-year-old Honda Civic and off I went back to the Imaging Center.

I told the receptionist what had happened and a nurse who had been listening to the story asked me what kind of a necklace it was. I described my dear piece of jewelry and saw her running off to the ultrasound room. I sat down to wait by the reception window… my soul down cast. I didn't want to go there, but from the back of my mind, the nagging thought kept peeking through…if I lose that cross here, that might mean only one thing…I tried to push the thoughts aside, but I was in panic mode.

A few minutes later (needless to say it didn't feel like just a few…), I hear someone say: “Ma’am, is this is?” and as I looked to my right toward the reception area I see my beautiful and tiny cross peeking out the window, hanging off the nurse’s hand. If the nurse had not been on the other side of the glass window, I would have hugged her tightly. I expressed my immense gratitude and I left quickly before my tears began to show.

I sat in my car, the witness of so many special moments, and I let the gates open up for the river of tears I've been holding back to freely flow. But they were finally tears of joy…the joy of knowing I am in God’s hands and He is Faithful. I put my dear necklace back on, where it belongs, and these thoughts came to me, “He is never too far!” “He is never lost.” “I am His, and He is mine!”

I know that a silly necklace doesn't mean anything, really…but I also know that God can use anything for His purpose. He can communicate with us through anything/anybody. That day, He chose to show me His presence in a “supernatural” way, just as I had prayed for earlier, by using an object that means something to me, but it is not the object what made the moment sacred. It was His Hand upon me what makes me proclaim His Faithfulness. Praise the Lord, for He is Good All the time!  

Great is Thy Faithfulness, Lord onto me...

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