Friday, April 11, 2014


Have you ever wondered about how missionaries follow God’s call to the ends of the world…literally? I do…all the time…

I hear and read about their stories from the comfort of my home and through the convenience of my laptop. I get to see pictures of their projects and the people they serve in my Facebook wall and in their blogs. I marvel at how they endure severe illness as they lack for the most basic necessities; but still, never consider quitting as a possibility. The strength of their spirit surely does come from within. It comes from the Holy Spirit that lives within, that is. I don’t think any human being can last too long without the supernatural strength that comes directly from the Divine.

Then, I consider the reality that such strength is not just given to missionaries in the remote corners of Haiti or the inhospitable regions of Muslin ruled countries like Sudan. The Holy Spirit dwells in the soul of every child of the Most High. His strength is in us, reaching us here in the land of comfort as well. God’s grace showers us wherever He finds us, and once He finds us, it is impossible to resist Him. It is impossible not to follow Him be it to the corner coffee shop for some one on one evangelism to our friends, or to the corners of a distant land where entire villages haven’t heard of Christ.

Once we’ve heard His voice in our soul…once we’ve seen His face with the eyes of our heart, it is impossible to resist Him…it is impossible not to follow Him. We see it in the Bible countless of times. One occasion that jumps at me now is the passage about Bartimaeus, the blind, beggar man sitting by the roadside who began to cry out to Jesus as He and His followers were leaving Jericho. He asked Jesus to have mercy on him. Jesus then asked him in reply, “what do you want me to do for you?” and Bartimaeus said without hesitation, “Rabbi, I want to see.” Jesus healed him and the man “immediately” after he received his sight, “followed Jesus along the road.” (Mark 10: 46-52)

This formerly blind, beggar did not think twice. As soon as He saw Jesus’ face, he joined Him. The very sight of Christ’s presence was enough to know that there was nothing else for him to do, but to follow Him.

Sometimes, I cover my own eyes to avoid seeing. Sometimes the world wraps a thick veil around my head as it spins me into confusion and blurriness. Like this man, all I want is to “see.” I want to see Him. I want Him to heal my blindness and allow me to see His face. I want to follow Him along the road. I don’t want to be hindered by the things of this world. I want to be free to follow Him, who has given me my sight.

Whereas to the ends of the world, or to the end of the road, with His presence going before me and my sight restored, I too can follow Him wherever He may lead me.

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