Monday, May 19, 2014

Broken Headlights and God Moments

I’ve been thinking a lot about God Moments lately as I try to become more intentional in my faith-walk. I want to have eyes to see His hand in everything that happens to me personally, but I also want to recognize Him in the lives of those around me. 

Thinking about it makes me realize that God Moments come in every shape and form. There are no rules. Just as He is indescribably undecipherable, so are His moments of revelation. Therefore, they are very hard to define. O, but we do know them when we experience them, no doubt. 

Some, are very subtle, and designed just for the individual with the purpose of creating greater intimacy with Him. Like waking up to the beautiful melodies of birds chirping by your window if you are a bird lover; or savoring an unexpected treat when you are feeling lousy; or getting a call or a text from your favorite person when you’re feeling lonely…if you are paying attention, all those rather “insignificant” niceties are God’s gifts to our soul as a personal memento to treasure in our hearts. He is radiantly generous with these types of moments; however, for us to appreciate them, we need to be tuned into His frequency for otherwise we may easily miss them.

Some God-Moments, on the other hand, are monumentally impossible to miss. Surviving a plane wreck, the unexplained cure of a terminal disease, recovering abilities long-thought impossible to be regained, visions and audible revelations…these and other palpably miraculous events fall under this category. In order to deny them, one must be engulfed into the deepest of abysses and under the crushing boot of the enemy. 

Other God Moments are right in the middle. Though they may be subtle and wrongly mislabeled as coincidences (which is the usual mistake made by the fool), at the same time they are pretty hard to dismiss and often leave you in quiet awe. They are, therefore, easily appreciated not just by the person who experienced it directly, but by those around him/her as well…leaving them all with a deep sense of gratitude and comfort, just like the way one feels after a warm embrace. 

Such was the God Moment my dearest friend Judy experience very recently. 

Judy has had a rough time lately, so a few days ago, she had a wonderful respite which she wisely used to get away to a place where she could find some comfort in the company of an old friend, surrounded by the beauty and calm of a wonderful place. She drove 5 hours to get there, and planned to stay a few nights at a cozy Bed and Breakfast. The last night, after saying goodbye to her dear friend, she discovered one of her headlights was out. Upon arriving back at the Bed and Breakfast, she decided not to worry about it since her plan was to leave early in the morning which meant that she wouldn’t need the lights on the drive back home. Morning came, and as soon as she woke up she knew she was in trouble. It was a dark, rainy, gloomy and windy morning and things were forecast to continue like that all throughout the day. 

Judy talked to the people at the Bed and Breakfast who directed her to a nice mechanic around the corner who would take care of her headlights and convinced her to stay another night to avert the weather. She decided to book another night and headed out to the mechanic. As she was waiting for her car to be ready, she heard sirens and saw several emergency vehicles rushing by on their way to the close-by highway. One after another, police patrols and fire trucks broke through the rain to the impending accident. The guys at the garage found out a semi was overturned on the highway…the same highway Judy would have been on, had she not had a broken headlight. 

Right away, she knew, God had spared her. “I would have been there, in that crash…” she told the mechanics in disbelieve. “God gave me a broken headlight to spare my life.”

What can you say when you hear a story like this, other than, Praise the Lord! A God Moment right there, for us to enjoy…Praise be to God!

As it happens, Judy had a splendid day after the nice mechanic fixed her light. She went back to the Bed and Breakfast and spent the day enjoying the peace and quiet that she most desperately needed. God used something broken to give her an extended holiday to re-charge her batteries before going back home to face reality again.

Let’s keep our eyes open and our hearts tuned in so we can recognize and appreciate every God Moment that the Most High sends our way. And don’t forget to share them, for they are as uplifting to us as they are to you. Blessed be His Name!

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