Sunday, May 11, 2014

To The Boys Who Call Me Mom

Today, I want to celebrate the two young boys who make me a Mom. Grant and Dylan came to us under very special circumstances, both as individual, precious gifts from God. After 8 long years, Our Heavenly Father granted us Grant through the miracle of science and later, Dylan, through the miracle of adoption. 

They are both amazing in their own way. They drive me crazy, they frustrate me, they test the limits of my patience, they push me, they worry me, they hurt me and they surprise me every day. They are also two of the most finely tuned instruments that God uses to teach me the best and most profound lessons as I walk through this valley of tears called life.

Like the time, after they had lost both of their Grandfathers the same year and under rather tragic and dramatic circumstances, I got the kid version of the book Heaven is for Real for them. The night before my husband and I left for Panama to attend my Father’s funeral, after Grant finished reading the book, he came into my room and gently presented it back to me saying: “I think you should read it. It will make you feel better.”

I was so moved by that gesture. I thought I had been successful in hiding the deep, deep sadness I was carrying around after the passing of my beloved Father…but Grant’s keen sensibility had perceived it. That’s who he is…

And the other day, just last week, really, as I was yelling at Dylan for not having brought his homework home and having forgotten important papers at school, he said: “but I got an A+ in Music!” He was so proud! Then I replied, “Music doesn’t matter! You need to learn how to read and write and do math well before anything else!” I was so frustrated!!! Then, he quietly said, “but, ‘without music life would be a mistake’” 

I mean…really…

What do you even say after that??? I didn’t say anything, I just laughed, picked him up, gave him a huge squeeze and many kisses. 

(Just to clarify, Dylan is not studying Nietzsche at 8 years old. He has just watched the movie “Here Comes the Boom” many times and that’s one of the underlying themes of the film.)

At any rate, that’s who Dylan is…

And for all that and much more, I will always Praise the Lord Most High. His gifts and blessings overwhelm me for I am so undeserving. All the more, I remain most incandescently thankful to Our Lord. That's why I celebrate my boys, headaches and is the hardest job on Earth, but it is the most worthwhile. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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