Friday, October 31, 2014

The Sweetest Treat

Fall is here, in full swing. The season of colorful leaves, chilly mornings, windy evenings and sweet treats. My sons went out hunting for candy and came back home with a bounty.

I stayed behind to greet the parade of fluffy ducklings and pumpkins, pirates, witches, Star War heroes and general assortment of unrecognizable creatures that knocked at my door searching for the sugary reward.

Upon my children’s return, Grant commented that one of our neighboring families was a Christian household. I listened attentively as he related with delight that his brother and he had received the nicest treat, a Snickers candy bar along with a track. He handed the little bag to me as he pulled out the folded paper. It was, indeed, the pathway to salvation framed on candy corn and smiley pumpkins. Dylan showed me his too, and it told of the story of God’s plan from the fall to Christ, all so neatly and concise.

Both were pleased, but Grant, in particular, was visibly impressed by the gift. He had not expected anyone to greet them with the good news of Our Great God. I think he really appreciated the intentions and it helped him keep the perspective of the celebration: a candy holiday is alright once in a while, but the sweetest treat is, by far, the one that comes from above, the gift of Grace from our Lord.

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