Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pinterest Perfect Life?

Snap a picture…don’t like it? Well, snap another one and another one and another one until you get one that looks great on the little screen of your phone or camera. The magic of digital media makes every picture…well…perfect! You can take as many re-takes as you’d like without it costing you a penny. I remember when I had to buy film and then had to wait days or weeks until the pictures got developed, all at a cost. Most kids today don’t even know what those words mean, let alone know what it was like to wait to see what the pictures looked like only to find out that they were blurry or not what we had expected.

Not now. Today, every picture we post on our social media of choice could actually be…well…perfect! But, is it? 

As it happens, there is an added source of stress mainly in women’s lives nowadays…as if we needed more, right? Apparently, the social media where we share pictures of our “creations” or adventures in cooking, the arts, crafts, vacations or even everyday life is causing a new stress on those who see the pictures. Yes, crazy! But the thing is that the pictures all seem, so…perfect on the screen that when we look at our own real-life pitiful attempts at replicating what we see in Pinterest, Facebook or whatever, and compare it to the picture on the computer, we feel like a big failure.

Our own Transformer-shaped cake looks more like a bleeding mutant zombie. Our handmade bow is more like trampled over confetti at Time Square after New Year’s Eve. And our kids are more like a potty bunch rather than the Brady Bunch. Our lives don’t measure up to the digital media expectations, so we despair.

In reality, however, we forget that the pictures we see someone posting are probably manufactured semblances of a distant reality many takes over.

We forget that none of it has any eternal value.

It is not what we do but how we live. So, did you have fun making the mutant zombie cake? Did your kids like how it tasted? Did they help you make it? Are you proud of your effort? Do your kids still enjoy your company? Then, laugh it out and have a bite!  Put that confetti bow on your little girl's hair and snap a picture that you can laugh at years from now.  And remember, The Maker is the Only One Perfect. After all, we are just clay.

Happy Mother’s Day!

The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but theLord looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16: 7

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