Monday, September 7, 2015

Either Way

Whether in plenty or in want
Whether in daylight or at night
I choose to trust You, Lord.

Whether I walk in the sunny meadow
Whether I crawl in the dark
I choose to trust You, Lord.

When I’m able to stand as well as when I have fallen
When I can go for hours
And when I only have a moment.
When I’m able to speak as well as when it’s hard to even breathe
I choose to trust You, Lord.

When laughter fills the air
When I cry in the rain
I choose to trust You, Lord.

In the days joy bursts in my heart
As well as in the days that sadness overwhelms
I choose to place my trust in You, Lord.

In the calm and in the tempest
When I’m cruising, and when I’m in the middle of serious testing
Give me the strength to keep my eyes fixed on Your face
And my trust in You, securely resting.
For You are Faithful

You are My King

You are the Great I AM

You are the Healer

You are all I want.

Let me cast all my cares

And know that either way

It’s going to be OK!

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