Thursday, May 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Grant

“How can you love so much, someone you just met?” I remember hearing this question a long time ago in a movie. The question popped into my mind a couple of years later when I held Grant in my arms just seconds after he was born.

Where does the love you feel for your newborn come from?

The feeling lives in my heart completely untouched, pure…intact.

Today, fourteen years ago since that moment when I first saw my son, I still don’t comprehend the depth of the feeling or understand how it emerges, but I do know it is God’s way to illustrate, even if just faintly, the kind of love He feels for us…His children…His beloved.

It has no explanation. Love just is…like God, for He is Love…unique and unexplainable. So it is the love a mother has for her child…never ending.

As Grant celebrates his birthday today, I am reminded of the gift that He is to my life…unmeasurable…and I praise God for He has allowed me the privilege of coming one step closer to imagining what love really is…unfathomable.

Happy Birthday to Grant…and happy anniversary to me, of the day I began to get what love really is.

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