Monday, May 16, 2016

The Sting of a Closing Door

While still on the subject of doors, let me just say that no matter how much you have prayed for God to close a door if you are not meant to walk through it…once He closes it, it is still possible to feel the sting of pain when it shuts on your face.

It just happened to us today, and I can´t help but feel the impact of the abrupt stop caused by the sudden closing of the door...a door that just an instant earlier seemed completely wide open…and now stands tightly shut in front of us…

The funny thing is that just last night, as I enjoyed the comfortable sensation of the feeling of safety the open door offered me, I prayed that God would close that door if that wasn´t His will for us. I knew that had the door remained opened, we had walked through it seeking the stability of the road less complicated. However, I had a feeling that was not the road destined for us at this time…therefore, I lifted the prayer in obedience…for the road is not my own.

At any rate, my point is that I´m glad God closed that door…and I see how the way He did it was the best and most loving, but again, it wasn´t easy to take it. However, I´ve gained renewed confidence on the fact that He is guiding our every step. And I know that even though it will not be the easiest or most comfortable way, He will provide for us as He continues to lead us into His path. The Holy Spirit is growing His fruits in us. The tests are developing perseverance. And as we enter His path, He will grant us discernment to move on and make choices based on the design He has created for our lives.

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