Saturday, September 10, 2016

"Done" List

Well, I did it! I looked at my “to do” list, which is mostly random pieces of paper scattered all over my desk, and then created my “done” list. I have to say that the experience was terrific. I actually got a notebook and organized it by categories. So that’s already an improvement!

But seriously, looking at the rather LONG list of things I have accomplished already in each of the very many categories of tasks I’m juggling at this point in my life felt pretty good. By the end of the exercise I was already feeling a bit less overwhelmed. God has allowed me, in my chaotic and disorganized existence, to make actual progress toward the goals set in front of me.

There is one thing, though. I just realized that all the categories in my “done” list pertain to things of this world: work and home projects. They are all tasks that have to do with material things. I totally neglected to include a category for the things of the spirit!

How revealing…how convicting…

Isn’t the cultivation of the soul and my relationship with Christ the MOST important thing I get to do in this world? How come it doesn’t show up in either of my lists. What’s up with that? What does that say about my priorities?

Well, I tell you what it means…it means my priorities are topsy-turvy…(btw, I only learned this phrase a not-so-long while ago, so I’m proud of myself for using it here…I hope it is appropriate for the occasion???)

At any rate, this “done” list business has showed me how easy it is to fill up my life with the things of this world and how quickly I leave out the things of God. It’s not like I neglect God. At least I’d like to think I don’t. It’s just that I have realized that I spend most of the time concerned about things that have little to no eternal value. I burn most of my energy rushing through a million tasks that once completed are totally meaningless.

What a waste!

Now what? I was feeling so good about myself! - good feeling’s gone -.

I guess, this is when I go back to #2 in my list, and listen to the Holy Spirit whispering: “Be still and know…”

…know that I am God.

…know that I am in charge.

…know that I designed your every step.

…know that I am aware of your weakness.

…know that I love you with all your imperfections and flaws.

…know that My Grace is sufficient.

…know that I know…

I breathe a sigh of relief. And back to #1, take a look at my “to do” list of spiritual disciplines (there’s got to be something on any of these half-scribbled pieces of papers scattered on my desk that contains at least one thing I have to do regarding something spiritual…please!). Then, create a reverse list that includes the things I have done to foster my spiritual life and my relationship with Christ. And you know what the first item on the new spiritual “done” list will be?

1. Christ has done it all!

I love You, Lord! Thank you for always pointing me onto the right path…the path that leads straight to Your arms.

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