Saturday, December 31, 2016

Cyber Greetings

I know that new technology and the Internet are to blame for many of the evils of society.  It is undeniable, however, that when used properly, they could be a huge blessing.  The Internet and all the information-age technological advances have allowed people to keep in touch with their loved ones in ways impossible before the dawn of this madness. 

In my personal experience, I have been able to go from only a hand-full of phone calls a year to daily communications with my sister and my niece (whom I consider my little sister, really).  Particularly, during the last two years, when our technologically savvy niece, Nicole, created a group chat in social-media/message app: WhatsApp, we have been able to remain in constant contact every day!  It has been a precious gift I have treasured with all my heart, and I truly praise God for the ability to keep in touch with my dear sisters through this technology with all my soul.

Today, I praise Him again, as we gather together in the chatroom of cyberspace to give thanks to the Almighty for a year that is ending in which we were able to get together and enjoy the riches of His blessings in different occasions.  As we see the curtain of 2016 close right in front of us, we send our greetings with the urgency of an impending end.  We try to pack in words to express all the love we feel and all the blessings we wish upon each other, regretting the fact that, once again, we are, literally worlds apart, but praising Him for giving us an alternative universe where, regardless of physical distance, it is possible to feel connected to those we love.

A message of peace…the kind of peace that transcends all understanding, travels through cyberspace straight to our hearts, and a hope of seeing each other again, very soon, keeps us standing. 

Happy New Year to all, near and far…may our hearts be merry and bright.  May good health flow abundantly and may peace cover us like a warm blanket every day in 2017 and always.

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