Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Intentional Living

We know that we want to be intentional about our walk with Christ.  But the question remains...How does one begin to live life intentionally? Well, I am no expert in the matter, but I can tell you what I try to do.  I begin with prayer.

Prayer is the beginning of the road to an intentional life for Christ. I pray that the Lord would turn me into the woman he intended me to become since the first time He thought of me. I have no idea what that person is like; but I want to be her. He has a unique plan for each of His sons and daughters; and I’m ready for mine to continue to unfold. I pray for awareness and I pray for discernment. I pray for everything without ceasing. That’s where I’d begin.

Trust is the step that goes intertwined with prayer. We pray because we trust the One we pray to. We pray because we know He is who He says He is and because we want to maintain the line of communication open with our Lord and Savior. We pray because we trust.

Knowledge is crucially indispensable. We trust because we know. We trust whom we know, and to know Him is to know truth. How do we know? We know because we seek Him in His Word. And His Word speaks of who He is. 

Prayer. Trust. Knowledge. The God of the Universe reveals Himself to us, His children, so we realize it is all for Him. And that’s the intentional life…the life that is lived for and through Him.

We pray because we trust and we trust because we know. And as we know, we can’t help but love. And as we love, we realize we must let go. Therefore, the intentional life becomes the surrendered life. We surrender it all to Him and let Him lead the way as we pray, trust and know for He is God.

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  1. This is so good. Thanks for the reminder to make prayer such a priority in my life. I am having a hard time with intentionally praying as I am up a couple times in the night with my twin grandbabies and then in the morning the day starts rolling fast. I always read my Bible but find I am praying in spurts here and there, as I fold laundry, iron, wash dishes, and so forth.

    1. Your Grandchildren are just precious! what a blessing they are to you and to your family, but yes, sometimes we get so busy that prayer life suffers. I go through that all the time. But He reminds me of the power of prayer and of the importance of the continued communication with Him...I pray for organization for us who are striving for a fulfilled prayer life! Thanks for stopping by!


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