Thursday, October 17, 2013

Never Truly Alone

Sometimes we have to go to that place…the place to where nobody else will go with us…the place where we feel completely alone, just to realize that we are not…just to know, for sure, that He is with us. His great love is not snared by selfishness, so He never abandons us. 

In His great patience and compassion, He is never overwhelmed by the great depth of our need and desperation. In His great Mercy, He is never repelled by the grip of our fear. He is the ONLY ONE who can take the burden of all our worries and the heavy weight of our anxiety away from us as He carries them all to the cross.

Even when the lights are off and we feel alone…He is the One who is always there…He never abandons us…He goes with us through the steepest mountains and the darkest valleys…He is never gone. But sometimes we don’t get to realize this truth, until the whole world turns its back on us and we are submerged into the pit of loneliness. That’s what it takes, sometimes, to realize that He is there with us. Once the clutter, the noise, the distractions disappear, that’s when our eyes open up and we clearly see that He is near.


  1. Hi Gisela! I like that opening sentence..."a place where nobody will go with us". There are not many people who will travel those dark roads with us. And he is right there. Never overwhelmed by us, as you so rightly said.

    It is so wonderful to know that he is always there, even when we don't feel his presence. In the quiet, we will hear him.
    Happy Friday!

    1. In the quiet we will hear Him, indeed! Amen to that. Thank you for visiting and yes, we do need the quiet, and sometimes, in order to get us to that quiet, we have to descend to dark valleys. Big hugs!

  2. He has taken me to that place of isolation and loneliness many times! I completely agree with you that those are the times we find His love and presence so clearly. Beautiful and inspiring, as always, Gisela!

    1. Those are the times we see Him Transfigured! He shares a special time with us while at that place...a time more valuable than gold. Blessings to you always!


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