Thursday, July 17, 2014

Let's Not Forget...

Continuing with the thoughts on ministry, callings, purpose and how fussy discerning our calling may be, we encounter brothers and sisters in Christ who, on the other hand, do have a very clear idea and vision of what their mission is.  They are blessed with a sharp focus for the moment and they do what they must in order to get where they need to be.  While many of us are still trying to comprehend and accept the fact that we were created to love Him and glorify Him as our chief purpose in life, they are already there and back!

Often, however, we may all come to a point on the road where we forget or get a bit confused about the truth that our calling comes from Him and belongs to Him. He gives it to us, but it is still His. It is ours to receive and to follow, not to manipulate.

Sometimes, our passion for one specific ministry is so profound that it hurts. Figuratively and literally. We love it so much and we are so dedicated to it, that we don’t realize it when the Lord may be calling us to let it go. 

We are so connected to a calling that was given to us for a season that we don’t see that the season may have ended. We become deaf to His voice calling us somewhere else. We ignore the hints. We justify the bruises on our body as something that comes with the territory of serving the Lord in hardship, and don’t see that they really are caused by bumping on the big road signs warning us to detour, and tripping over the bright orange barrels placed on our road so we don’t drive into the ditch.

It is hard to accept that the Lord may be switching gears on us, and taking us away from the good work He once led us to, and taught us to love with a depth not easily achieved otherwise. But it happens. It especially happens if our ministry is reaching the danger zone of becoming the object of our undivided love, slowly pushing Him out of His righteous seat.

As difficult as it may be, we ought to be willing to let go of it all. But, are we?

Are we willing to pass the torch to someone else as soon as we discover He is calling us somewhere different?

Are we willing to work so hard in the organizing, establishing, founding, funding, and polishing of our ministry to then give the reigns of it to someone else?

Are we willing to fulfill our calling while still listening to His whispering?

Are we willing to say yes to Him even when that yes means no to something we love?

For many of us this may not even be a concern right now...but for those of us that it is, let's think about it for a while, always keeping in mind that He gives and He takes away…but we must always choose to say, “Blessed be His Name!” (Job 1: 21)

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