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I don’t know how else to say it. I love it. Summer is the season of the year when I feel free. I feel most alive. I feel like I can really breathe (even though I have allergies : )

I am truly enjoying this summer, our first full one in our new house. I especially like it here because our new house has tons of windows. So, on sunny days, I love opening them all up to let the soft breeze come in from every angle and pretend I’m at the beach. It feels glorious! (Yep, I don’t do A/C unless it is unbearable…and that for me is just a few days in the entire summer only).

Even on rainy days, I crack open my windows to then cuddle up in my favorite chair to read or in bed to take a nap while listening to the sound of rain falling outside…ahhh…

I am very happy here in this home the Lord has provided for us…however, there are some things I dearly miss from our summers at our dear, old house. Among them, I miss the generosity of our neighbor who allowed us to use her pool anytime we wanted to. I miss the lilies I planted with my very own two, bare hands. And I miss my kitchen window. 

When we first moved to that house, that window didn’t open. It took us a couple of years to be able to save up enough money to change all the windows, but the day it happened, it was a true gift. That window quickly became my favorite feature in the house. It sat right above the kitchen sink, so I spent lots of time hanging out by it. That window symbolized my connection to the outside world, my doorway to freedom! It was the portal through which every year the advent of summer made itself evident and clear to my soul.

I miss the very special moment when after a cruel and long winter and a rainy spring, I got to finally slide that window open to let the summer air come in! Freedom!

I miss the sights, sounds and smells that came in through that window. I miss watching my older son Grant enjoying his tree swing in the back yard. I miss seeing Dylan jumping in the trampoline. I miss seeing Dan mowing the lawn. I miss seeing the birds flying in and out of the little bird house. I miss standing by it to soak in the gentle breeze that brought in the fragrant aroma of the flowers right outside. I miss seeing the clothes hanging on the line to dry…there is something about watching sheets and towels dancing in the wind in a summer afternoon…and there is something about the smell of sun-dried linens that no fancy detergent, softener or drier sheets can ever replicate….

That kitchen window represented a direct line of communication between me and my Lord, also. Many prayers were whispered as I stood by that open window. Tears and laughter it witnessed too. Frustration, worry and fear as well as unimaginable joy and delight all were experienced as I leaned against the sink and looked out my little window.

Now that I’m not living at that house anymore, the memories of my summer days there come back to me with a melancholic pinch…

The good news is that I have found another window in my new house. This one has the potential of becoming an important hang-out as well. However, since it is not above the kitchen sink, I don’t get to spend nearly as much time by it as I did by my old friend at our previous home…but it is warming up to be special in its own way. I don’t know what’s going to happen to our old house, but whoever ends up calling it their forever home, I pray may find as much joy as I did, standing by that little window above the kitchen sink.

In the meantime, I will continue to treasure these summer days with my windows wide open, as an invitation for it to come in and stay.

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  1. I love summer too, Gisela! The sunshine just changes everything. This is a wonderful tribute to your awesome kitchen window! I hope you are able to make some wonderful memories at your new window. I had one over my sink in my old house, so I can relate to the beauty of standing there doing dishes watching the kids play in the backyard. It is magical!

    1. Sunshine does change everything! That's exactly how I feel! And yes, it is "magical!" Thank you Candace for your visit and your words. Always appreciate them very much!

  2. Oh, I so love windows too! Unfortunately, where we are is too hot right now, and we have most of them covered up. I hate not seeing outside, and I hate not being able to have a nice breeze. You are so right about windows being a view straight to God. I will have to uncover one window to do just that...:)

    1. I pray you are able to uncover at least one window, even if partially...there is nothing like the sunshine to infuse energy to the soul. Blessings to you and THANK YOU so much for visiting!

    2. Gisela, I have always loved lots of windows in a house. I too really enjoy having them open and feeling the fresh air, nothing else like it. I have been blessed to be able to stand at said window. I spend a good bit of time watching all the birds. I have really grown to love and appreciate so many different ones. In the winter I was able to snap lots of pics of the snow covered gazebo next door which was a beautiful site. Since I spend my workday on the computer I spend a good bit of time looking out the big window upstairs. I love watching the trees swaying to and for. We have been so blessed to able experience these wonderful things and will continue to do so as long as God wills it. Thank you for being such a huge blessing in my life. I am forever grateful that God put us in each other's path. :)

    3. Hi Ruth, and THANK you for your comments and for visiting. We are blessed that you guys are able to be at our beloved house for this season of your lives. We always prayed that our house would be used by God, so we praise Him for bringing you here and giving us the opportunity of being part of His plan. I'm so glad you are enjoying the things I used to enjoy there too. that big window upstairs was another of my favorites too. Praise be to God who speaks to us in the most amazing ways. Blessings!

  3. I also love summer and sunshine. This is such a positive piece I had to share it with my wife, she is really inspired when people like yourself are so positive with their outlook on life. Thank you for sharing this with us. We are definitely your fans for the future. Keep writing your blogs you inspire us. Thank you.

    Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions


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