Saturday, June 20, 2015

Accepting His Healing

This is between You and me, Lord…

You planted a thought in my mind back in January, while standing in the cold hallway of a hospital wing in my husband’s arms… “it’s time to accept the healing…it’s time to trust Me and believe Me now.”

I can’t be afraid of putting you to shame by revealing what’s in my head…what’s in my heart…what’s in my soul…I ought to trust that You can do everything You say You can do…heal me… and that I am who You say that I am…Your beloved.

It’s time I profess that You are Faithful and Truth. It’s time I accept the healing before the test results are in and I share it for Your glory.

You are making ALL things new…and that includes me…(Revelation 21: 5)

May the peace that surpasses all understanding come flowing like rushing water to wash away my fear. May Your love pour out and fill my cup. May Your presence be evident and quiet my soul.

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