Friday, June 26, 2015

Do You Know the Word Faith?

“Hold my hand and Trust. So long as you are conscious of My Presence with you, all is well.”

As I woke up anxious and nervous about my doctor’s appointment a couple of days ago, this was the message that Sarah Young’s devotional, Jesus Calling had for me…or should I say, the message that Jesus had for me. These words stayed with me at work and during the seemingly endless waiting period at the doctor’s office. I think I sat in that uncomfortable chair alone in that plain and sterile office for at least 40 minutes before the doctor came in to talk to me. The longest 40 minutes of my life! But as I kept repeating the words from the devotional, and some Scripture in my head, claiming His promises and His victory in my mind, I also thought the time spent at that not-so-welcoming room would be well worth it if I were to receive good news. And good news I received.

Praise the Lord Almighty I did get great news that all is, indeed, well. And not only did the doctor gave me good news, but she even spoke to me about how I must leave it all in God’s hands. She asked me if I was religious and I said yes, then she asked me: “do you know the word faith?” My eyes began to tear up…I said a quiet yes…then she said, “well, leave it all to Him.”

There wasn’t much I could say after that. I swallowed hard and just nodded.

She talked to me about faith and about letting go. “You are just like me,” she mentioned. Then she shared how she is a worrier too. She told me to keep busy and to be happy, to pray and to remember how stress lowers the immune system. “People who are happy do better after surgery and recover faster.” She spent a significant amount of time with me and my nerves really, truly, finally began to calm down.

Suddenly that, not-so-attractive office had become a place of peace. I walked out of there with a renewed smile. The Lord had showed me how everything is, indeed, possible with Him. He showed me how He can use anyone…even a doctor (can you tell I’m not very fond of doctors?) to carry out His will and fulfill His plan…and to reach my heart. I glanced back at the now empty room where I had sat, being consumed by anxiety, thinking the time spent sitting there had been all worth it after all.

I am tired of worrying…I am tired of being afraid. It’s time to dig deep and truly know the meaning of faith. It’s time I hold on tightly to His hand and just trust in His grace, which IS sufficient. His presence is all I truly, really, absolutely need…all other things are just the trim.

Praise be to God for He is Faithful even when we are not.

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