Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I Am NOT Afraid of His Will

My eleven-year-old Dylan often gets upset, angry, nervous and anxious when people around him don't behave the way he wants them to.  If he doesn't get the reaction or the outcome that he wants, he pouts and becomes frustrated.  I don't know how many times I've heard statements like: "But I was nice, and he pushed me!"  ...or different variations of it... to which I always reply:  "remember, you cannot control the way other people act.  The only thing you can control is what YOU do.  Just make sure YOU do what is right, and the rest is up to God."

Well, today, I will take up my own advice.  I am going to do what I have prayerfully decided is right, and I am going to leave the rest up to Our Great God.  I am not going to focus on the outcome.  The results are the Lord's.

Therefore, as election day dawns on me with a veil of uncertainty, and I feel anxiety and worry creep up my back like a tarantula, I am choosing prayer over panic.  Rather than disappointment, I'm choosing trust.

I am going to fulfill my civic duty and vote.  Then, I am going to let it go and trust that God is in control and that His will is perfect, even when it may not be the same as mine.  He knows what He is doing in this great nation of ours.  I am not going to get on His way.  I just want to be His instrument.  I just want to have a willing heart that says:  "Here I am, Lord...if You need me."

I am going to pray that His will be done, no matter how I feel.  And I am not going to be afraid of it. I am going to trust it.  I am going to submit to His plan with full confidence that He loves me and that He will take care of me, no matter what happens.  We are His beloved.  We live in the palm of His hands.  His plans are to benefit us, not to bring us harm.  I will recall all His promises as I walk through the refining fires that await us.

And above all, I will keep fresh in my mind that regardless of who the president is, Jesus is forever my KING!

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