Friday, January 6, 2017

At the Feet of Jesus

She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said. (Luke 10: 39)

Today, we enter the home of Martha and Mary along Jesus and His followers. We are the last ones to come in. We look around and we see the house full of live and activity. Martha is directing the guests to the gathering place, pointing to empty spots where they can find a seat to rest their tired bodies after being on their way for a while.

If they weren’t feeling the sting of hunger yet, by now their mouths are beginning to water just by the smells filtering out from the kitchen where Martha has already come back into to continue the meal preparations. I’m not sure what she is making, but it sure smells good!

We finally make it into the room where all the visitors are gathered. And, even though we had to squeeze in way in the back, we make sure we can still see Him…

Jesus reclines at a prominent place as the guest of honor, surrounded by all whom He attracts like a magnet. As usual, He is talking and we all listen in a state of awe for the power of His Words penetrate our hearts and souls. Out of all the people around Him, however, there is one whose state of contemplation exceeds all others so much so that she almost seems transported…as if she is not even there…as if she is in a place where nobody or nothing else matters or exists…only Jesus.

We finally meet Mary…at the Lord’s feet…listening…

We look at Mary and suddenly we get it. We know. That’s exactly where we all should go. She is at the precise right place, the only place where all Christians should be: at the feet of Jesus.

My eyes shift back to His face and there He is, looking at me…

Yes, we want to be Mary. She shows us what the priority really is. All else can wait. As long as we choose Him first…all else will fall into place, somehow because we trust Him. He will take care of it all while we dedicate our entire attention to Him.  While we worship Him.  While we surrender to Him.

May the Holy Spirit exchange our hearts of stone for hearts of flesh so we can discern the right choice, and how the right choice is always to put Jesus first!

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