Sunday, November 10, 2013

Serving with a Humble Heart

Today I am writing about my dear friend Helen again. Not only has Helen showed me the power of consistent and selfless prayer, but she is also teaching me the divine quality of serving others with a humble and willing heart. 

After Judy, her daughter who is like a mother to me, showed her the post I wrote about her and her prayer list, Helen wrote me a letter in her beautiful penmanship. I have to say that I was thrilled to get a letter from Helen because those are also very famous. She writes the most thoughtful cards and letters to those who need them most. It was also very exciting to get her letter since I don’t even remember when the last time I got an actual letter in the mail was! 

As soon as I unfolded the delicate lilac-colored stationary I sensed Helen’s kindness pouring in, and I braced myself for I knew the words written in her steady cursive would touch my heart deeply. And so they did. The most moving parts, however, were not those in which she thanked God for our friendship or reminisced about her own friendship of years ago with my husband’s Grandmother. The lines that touched me the most were those where her humble spirit showed through. 

She could not believe that anyone would write anything praiseworthy about her! She said that she didn’t deserve the credit and that perhaps I meant my words for someone else. 

Well, the credit does go first and foremost to Our Lord who uses people like Helen to encourage other and lift their spirits in prayer and with humility. Knowing that she is praying for me and that she has the willingness of heart to be obedient and do her part while on this world, fills my soul with hope. And that is a gift right from above, which she is willing to put to good use for the benefit of those who surround her. Therefore, I believe that the willingness of heart is to Helen’s credit. The Lord blesses those who are willing to give with a cheerful spirit (2 Corinthians 9:7). And the giving most appreciated is the giving of ourselves as we love others with a semblance of the kind of love that God has for His children. 

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” 

And one way to demonstrate this kind of love is by bearing one another’s burdens in every way we can in the name of Christ (Galatians 6: 2). 

Helen’s attitude of prayer and humbleness in her service shows me that it doesn’t matter how old or how reduced our circumstances may appear to the human eye; we can always do our part to further the Kingdom of God here on earth. For as long as we keep that willingness of heart alive, the Lord will provide venues for us to exhibit His love and glory to others. May we be a blessing to those we encounter on our path in this hiking journey called life!

If you missed the post I referred to here, you can visit it by clicking: Helen's Prayer List.  Have a blessed Sunday!

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