Thursday, March 5, 2015

His Angels...

I believe we are not supposed to walk alone. On the rocky roads (wouldn’t you wish I were talking about ice-cream here…sigh…) of life we walk with Jesus and we also walk with those He sends to us as our companions. We walk with His angels.

This year, even though it’s only barely 3 months old, the Almighty has already given me the gift to spend time with my dearest friend in the world, who took time off her extremely busy life to fly to my neck of the woods and spend the very first few days of 2015 with me, offering me God’s comforting embrace in the warmth of her presence.

Then, Rosa, the woman who is like my Mother, also took a whole month out of her very demanding life as a care-giver in Panama, to give to me during the harshest, coldest, snowiest February in the couple of decades I’ve been in this Western Pennsylvania region. Rosa’s servant heart offered me and my family her all and through her, God gave me an entire month of worry-free days and much needed respite. While Rosa was here, my beloved niece Nicole also took time out of her unbelievably complicated schedule to be here, delighting us with her presence which always brings us much joy and happiness.

They are some of my angels…placed in my life to fulfill the Lord’s promise. I believe that He uses His children as His ambassadors. I believe the Lord gives us not only Himself in the indwelling of His Holy Spirit in us, but He uses His children to bring His comfort and His love to His beloved who are hurting, alone, afraid. Today, I cling to God’s promise to send His angels.

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. Psalm 91: 11

Today I rest in the comfort of their company.

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