Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Eyes on Him!

As we hear about yet, another attack in which many people die and many more are wounded, the majority of which are probably in their teen years, we wake up and wonder where God is in all of these? Often, I feel despair and I tremble at the thought of the world my sons will inherit. I look at my students in college, their attitudes, their unreliability, their lack of basic morality, their inability to articulate coherent thoughts, their spiritual voids, and my heart sinks.

Where is God?

This world, our society, our families, our marriages, our souls are corrupted. It feels as if darkness is winning and the Light is about to be extinguished.

It is in moments like these, when the follower of Jesus feels discouraged, that we need to realize that the reason we feel this way is because we have turned our eyes away from our Leader. Like Peter, just when he began to take his first steps on the water, he began to sink because he took his eyes away from Jesus and focused on the waves and the winds…we too allow hopelessness to penetrate when we get distracted by the fallen state of the world around us, and forget to concentrate on the One Who is Always in Control!

The sentences of wisdom I received today from my devotional called me to “approach each new day with a desire to find Christ.” That should be our goal: to keep the desire to find Him as the leading principle of our days. As we seek Him, we will find Him even in calamity and disaster. As we seek Him, we will realize that He “has not abandoned this sin-wracked world” because He is still on His throne!

I lift up my eyes to You, Lord Jesus. May your presence richly bless us today. By making Yourself known as we walk through this valley of the shadows of death, allow us to fear no evil, for you are with us…every step of the way.

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